Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PS Vue getting NFL Network plus NFL Network


Well, if you read Playstations blog daily then you were probably shocked when you read this article.. Sony announced a few days ago that PS Vue came to an agreement with the National Football League, and that in just a few weeks users with be able to get the NFL Network channel.

They said that they wanted to be able to get football fans the channel before the football season started.Basically PS Vue is an internet streaming service for people who are looking to cut cable. I personally have the service because I was paying close to $200 for cable a month.

There isn't any hidden fees, no contract, no cable box or anything like that. PS Vue has been around for about a year. But they just recently went nationwide making the service available in all 50 states. Before PS Vue started the internet streaming service everyone was going crazy about was Sling TV which has a plan where you can get 25 channels for $20 a month. Channels like A&E (Which PS Vue does not have) HGTV, ESPN, Lifetime and many more.

So whats better PS Vue or Sling TV

But the one area where Vue beats Sling TV in is the cloud dvr that lets you record however many shows you want. You can have five people in the house all recording at the same time and it wouldn't affect anything at all. Sling TV on the other hand doesn't let you record shows. But what they have instead is for some channels like A&E and History it lets you go on the guide and scroll back in time and watch anything that you may have missed that came on this weeks. Lets say it's Saturday and you missed a episode of The First 48 that came on Thursday you can scroll back to watch it. They also have an on demand section.

Though it's not anything to crazy about because it doesn't let you do that on every channel. Sling TV has a $20/month price that may sound good but it might not be so good if you look further into it. If your fine with there lowest package then you should be OK. For me I would need to add on the extras. Like MTV, Comedy Central, and EPIX. When I added on the extras to my account it brought the price to $56.60. The one area where both of them struggle is local channels. You will be able to watch your local basketball, and baseball games. But in some areas you can't get ABC, or FOX. I leave in OHIO and I get CBS, FOX SPORTS OHIO and other locals. Some states do not have the ability to watch there local news. But what I recommend is if you look on their site and your area doesn't have local stations yet, get a antenna. Antennas allow you to get local channels for free. I just use Sling TV's lowest package for A&E, History and Lifetime. PS Vue for everything else.

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